Laundry trolleys

Our laundry trolleys are designed to meet the needs of the medical sector and the hotel sector in transporting clean and/or used linen.

Mercura offers a range of laundry trolleys, featuring combined solutions for the transport of clean and used linen, mobile shelves, closed cabinets on wheels, bag holders and used linen containers.

The flexibility of our range will provide a solution that best suits your operational needs; for example, our combination laundry trolleys can be used for collecting used items and distributing clean laundry at the same time. The two elements can be also used separately.

Our wheeled polyethylene containers can can hold up to 450 liters of used or wet laundry. Highly resistant, they can also be used to collect waste.

Key features of our laundry trolleys

Mercura distributes its products directly to the Belgian market, and works with a worldwide network of distributors for the international market.

We also have two subsidiaries: in Switzerland (distribution of trolleys) and in Canada (distribution of trolleys, stretchers and armchairs).

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