Modular shelving trolleys

Our modular shelving trolleys make it easy to store and transport products and medicines.

Mercura has developed several models of modular shelving units, fully adaptable to the needs of hospitals or retirement homes:

  • Compact multipurpose carts (1 meter high), open or closed with shutter and key lock
  • High modular racking trolleys (1.8 meters) which can be doubled, equipped with a shutter and a lock

These modular shelving trolleys feature slides for use with baskets, pillbox trays or other trays.

The Volkern upper shelf of the small trolleys can also be used as a practical and hygienic worktop.

Key features of our modular shelving trolleys:

Mercura distributes its products directly to the Belgian market, and works with a worldwide network of distributors for the international market.

We also have two subsidiaries: in Switzerland (distribution of trolleys) and in Canada (distribution of trolleys, stretchers and armchairs).

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